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Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia. - Alexis Carrel.


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Why FundaSonke works


Study in the comfort and safety of your home with our flexible hours. Funda Sonke is results driven as such every student is guaranteed to significantly improve their academic grades. Funda Sonke is definitely your first step to a smooth transition to the next stage of your education.


Obtaining your first degree, diploma or certificate is the most exciting achievement. Funda Sonke provides students with the necessary foundation and academic tool set to ensure excellent progression from high school to university and inevitability graduation


Our qualified and experienced tutors ensures that students attain distinction grades exposing the students to limitless opportunities. Our online tutoring services are suitable for the working class seeking to upgrade their academic qualifications making our platform a place that offers infinity possibilities.

Giving Back

Funda Sonke believes in high-quality education for all and therefore some proceeds from the online tutoring service are channeled towards some CSI projects. Currently, Funda Sonke is working with the following organizations in a drive towards high-quality education for all:

JSDT SOLUTIONS designs free educational apps for high school students from Grade 8 - 12 that function while offline. Inside the app, the user can find useful study materials such as Chapter Notes, Examples, Practice Problems and Past Exam Papers with memorandums arranged in a user-friendly layout. Currently, the apps are for Android-powered smartphones only.

GER SOLUTIONS runs multiple community services which include academic outreach. We offer tutoring classes to learners from grade 8 - 12 in mathematics and physical sciences. Our tutoring services range from online assistance to face to face assistance. GER SOLUTIONS is situated in Taung (North West) and intends to impact the community within this small town and hopefully other towns based on circumstances.

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For enquires regarding CSI projects kindly contact us using the email below:

[email protected]

Catherine Biyela

CSI Supervisor

Catherine Biyela is a qualified sound engineer in broadcasting who is passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless. Her career spans from hosting discussion panels to an array of podcasts aimed at uplifting and educating the young and old across different communities. Catherine is currently focusing on identifying young people with great potential in their academics to access additional support and resources for them to excel.

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